Brute force attacks on a shared hosting

Last night I got an email from my hosting company, they shut down one of my WordPress site for it was brute force attacked on login page. The support guy asked me if I could recognize the source IP, and sent a Google search results link about how to solve the problem, that means I have to solve the problem by myself.

I’m pretty upset when I got this email, but still tried to block the IP in the .htaccess file. I found the hosting company changed the file privileges so I couldn’t update the .htaccess. The only thing I could do is replied the email and called their EMERGENCY service number, which was answered by an answering machine, asked them how could I do any fix if I couldn’t edit the .htaccess file.

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2 more I’m expecting from AppPresser

Last week I used AppPresser to build my first Android app, and about to get my iOS developer certificate recently. There are 2 more things I’m expecting from AppPress.

First, push notifications. According to this tweet, AppPresser will be working on it.

The push notifications should be an indispensable function for an app, especially if we build an app from a content heavy or eCommerce website, we’ll definitely want to push messages to our users, notify them with the new content or new sales.

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