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Hi I’m Yoren Chang, thank you for stopping by 1Fix.io! I’m blogging here and also available for hire as a freelancing web professional.

I’ve built websites with WordPress for more than 8 years. I believe we can build pretty much anything with WordPress. And of course by saying “anything” I mean “any type of website”.

My mission as a web professional is to build clients a successful business online. It’s the 21st century and no business could survive without a solid online presence.

Looking for a “web” go-to person for your business? I’d love to work with you – if you’re willing to brief your project with the following questions:

  • What are you trying to accomplish? What is the problem (product / service) you’re trying to solve (provide)?
  • How will you measure success? It’s very important because I want to be successful with you, not just get things done!
  • Any preferred project deadline / timeline / schedule etc.
  • I’m curious why you’d like to work with me? (I hope it’s not because you assume my work costs less than someone on Upwork.)

I have a one-page CV for you to download. You can get all my plugins at the profile page on WordPress.org. And I’ve written a series of tutorials about building WordPress themes with AngularJS and WP REST API (WP API). I also share and teach everything I know about WordPress here.

I’m a certified WordPress expert on Codeable since June 2017. You can read a lot of good reviews about me from my happy clients.

Currently, I’m based in Taipei, Taiwan. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Twitter: @1fixdotio, or sending me an email: yoren at 1fix.io.

43 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello,

    Do you have any pointers of being able to use a WordPress Backend for Real-Time, and Static content management, and an AngularJS frontend for UI?


    • Hi Techupin, this topic is kind of beyond my knowledge for now. I’ll keep in mind and let you know when I get any information might be of use to you.

    • I came late, but from my experience, I had a setup with NextJs as frontend and WordPress as backend only. PHP language is not designed to run on a 24/7 basis. And to run a real time application, you might need a socket connection. There are workarounds to do that with PHP, but all of which has its problems. If you are curious to see the experiment, here is the website “arageek.com” this site has more than 3 millions visitors per month. It’s stable and reliable.

  2. Hello Yoren. Thank you for your articles about Angular JS and WP REST API.

    I would like to ask something about Basic Authorization with AngularJs. I use this code:

    var options = {
    method: ‘POST’,
    url: ‘http://www.jivanbox.me/wp/wp-json/posts/2354/meta’,
    { ‘content-type’: ‘application/json’ },
    data: { ‘key’: ‘Numero’, ‘value’: ‘123456789’ },
    json: true };

    $http.defaults.headers.common.Authorization = ‘Basic dHVzdDp0ZhRN0’;
    $http.defaults.headers.common[‘X-Requested-With’] = ‘XMLHttpRequest’;

    console.log(‘Success POST’);
    }).error(function(data, status, headers, config) {
    console.log( ‘failure message: ‘ + JSON.stringify({data: data}));

    I get this JSON:

    {“code”:”json_cannot_edit”,”message”:”Sorry, you cannot edit this post”}

    Could you help me, please?

    Best regards,

    • Hey, Jivan, I haven’t really tried basic auth with AngularJS but I’ll test your code this weekend. Will post the results here and shoot you an email. Talk soon.

    • Hey Jivan, I’ve tested your code and it can run perfectly on my local server. So I think there is a high chance that you set the wrong Authorization or your user don’t have permission to edit the post.

  3. Hi Yoren, hope you’re well.

    Just wondering if you knew the best way to cache the JSON returned from the API directly within WordPress or the Database? The first load of my site is quite slow as it depends on the JSON which only changes every few weeks.

    I know I can cache it in the browser and prevent the api access altogether, but was just hoping for a solution for the first time visitor.

    • hey David, I believe most cache plugins can cache the JSON response, just like how they cache the feeds. But I’m not really sure how to integrate such plugin with our AngularJS theme… It can be extremely easy or messy I guess.

      I would love to try them later sometime. Also let me know if you find any solution. Cheers!

  4. Hi YOREN,

    Do you have any pointers of being able to use a WordPress backend for content management and Angular JS for front end.

    Thanks and Regards
    Gifcy Thomas
    Project Manager
    Eram Infotech

    • Hey KT, thanks for your kind words. Just come back regularly coz I’ll bring more interesting content on a weekly basis!

  5. Hello Yoren.
    Thanks for nice tutorials on building WordPress themes with AngularJS and WP REST API (WP API). You have inspired me to go another mile. Keep it up

  6. Hi!

    I am also a WordPress freelancer based in Taipei.

    Just see someone post your website link on AWP Facebook group.
    Your site and plugin are awsome.

    Just stop by and want to say you did a great job!

    • Hey Yucheng, That’s cool! Haven’t checked the AWP group for a while. Thanks for letting me know – though it’s just a plain URL!

  7. thanks with your post, it help me!!! but i have a question with a route on wp api wordpress, where can i put the new route of thumnail? please help me and sorry for my english.

  8. Hi Yoren,
    I am developing a Woocommerce multi-vendor website with 25+ plugins and now website is really slow when 3-4 people visits the website. Now I want to use AngularJS along with WP REST API for the frontend. I am new with the AngularJS and not sure how to implement for the frontend pages (Home, category, product single, cart, checkout).

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hello Yoren
    i have w3 total cache in my website but i have facing one problem i can not show content that depends on country for example if people visits my site from us then they can see some different content but due to cache i can not achieve these.even i have geotargeting as well but cache can creates the problem. please could you assist?
    Thank You

    • Hey Dhaval, What kind of content you mean? Post content or just partial content on the page? I do have some experiences on W3tc + dynamic content, feel free to email me about more details (your website URL): yoren [at] 1fix.io

  10. Hi,
    i would like to use the wordpress angularjs with bootstrap .
    i read some articles in that i noticed that jquery will not work with angularjs.
    instead of that how can i use some effects without jquery like’ bootsrap modal, button effects , etc’ things are not working with angularjs. i’ve tried. how to use work with together properly?

  11. Hey, I have data from API of another website I need to display on my WordPress site. Can you suggest me an easy way so that i can integrate the data into fields on my WordPress theme?

    • Hey I don’t have one! I generally use the value-based approach to price projects. Are you interested in working with me? Shoot me an email at yoren [at] 1fix.io.


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