An Upcoming update of Category Metabox Enhanced

I’ll be releasing an update to one of my plugins Category Metabox Enhanced. It’s been four years I haven’t worked with .org projects at all. For some reasons I stopped contributing for free and moved on to my freelancing career.

In the past months people reminded me they’re still using Category Metabox Enhanced but it doesn’t work with Gutenberg anymore. I procrastinated for a while but this weekend I decided to figure a solution for the 1000+ users who are still using it.

So here it is. The latest update is already on GitHub and will be pushed to, as soon as I get back my sense with SVN.

A computer screen apparently casts in coding a WordPress theme.

A WordPress Theming Service For Designers Only

In this post, I want to introduce you a soon-to-be-launched productized service. It helps designers to convert their beautiful work into a fully functional but also light-weighted WordPress theme.

I know it doesn’t sound that charming, but if you are a designer who’ve ever sworn you’ll never purchase from any theme shop again, please read this up, I might have something for you.

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Get Terms By Custom Post Types And Taxonomy In WordPress

The following snippet saved me a bunch time when dealing with a recent project. The scenario was I created 2 custom post types and they share the default “category” taxonomy with Posts. On the post type archive page, I have to display the category links so users can filter the posts.

The difficult part was I wanted to only show categories that have posts in the current post type. The following snippet came from StackExchange, with the function hook to the terms_clauses filter, now we can use a custom argument called post_types in the function get_terms.

The post_types can be an array so you can get terms like this:

get_terms( array( 'post_types' => array('post', 'cpt1', 'cpt2'), 'taxonomy' => 'category' ) );

or just:

get_terms( array( 'post_types' => 'cpt1', 'taxonomy' => 'category' ) );

Please go to StackExchange to upvote the answer if you find it helpful to you too.