Make the decision right

Instead of making the right decision, make the decision right. This is one of the best lines I’ve read recently. From the book The Mindful Body.

The idea is that, when we’re making decisions, we’re usually paralyzed because we don’t know how to make the right decision. That’s definitely my profile when I’m the one on the spot. Now I have this in my toolkit, it’s surprisingly simple.

When facing the paralysis, I always gather as much information as I can, thought that would help me to pick up the right option. From the hindsight, I actually acted more like once I made the decision, I made it the best one, without regretting.

Sometimes it’s the small things like picking a stock or ETF to buy. Once I own a few shares of them, although not trading very often, I will pay attention to them and figure out when to buying more or closing some positions.

Bigger things are like my decision to relocate to Japan. I made the decision to take actions, and now I’m determined to make it right by exploring all possibilities and cherish what I own in this new life.

Just in this long holiday weekend (CosmicGiant is an American company so we’re off for July 4th), I slowed myself down. No freelancing gigs on the side. I went to a nice coffee shop in my neighborhood, ordered great coffee and sit down to read a physical book. That usually took an hour, and I’d go for a walk around the area and maybe even having a beer in a brewery nearby, then headed back home for dinner.

Admittedly, sometimes I’d question myself if I really should be here. Especially when feeling lonely and missing accompanies from friends. With time like that, I would tell myself that you haven’t seen this city thoroughly as you really live here. Then I’ll kick myself out of door and imagine what I’d do if I’m a resident in this area, which I shouldn’t have to imagine, I AM a resident!

Since I’ve made the decision, I’ll make it work. I’ll make it right. It’s not like I’m forcing myself to like it, but be more mindful on things that I’ve got started to get used to and numb.

I like this strategy.

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