Customize the Featured Image Metabox

Back to WordPress 2.9, people are thrilling about a new feature called “Post Thumbnails”, I was one of them. Before it was a core feature, it was already a requirement for any premium theme in the market. Without doubt, add “thumbnail” to theme support was definitely a big moment in WordPress history. Later with WordPress 3.0, the name was changed from “Post Thumbnails” to “Featured Image”.

I love this feature from day one. I quickly add it to themes in clients’ projects, and they are as happy as I expected. After the name changed to “Featured Image”, things became a little different. Clients were still happy about the UI, I just got asked about the same question more often.

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Writing your first WordPress plugin

Writing our first WordPress plugin is the best thing we’ve done last year. Here are 2 quick tips for developers who’d also like to start the amazing journey. First, be familiar with the Actions and Filters in WordPress, the listed resources are worth reading: If you just read one book about WP development, read Professional …

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