An Upcoming update of Category Metabox Enhanced

I’ll be releasing an update to one of my plugins Category Metabox Enhanced. It’s been four years I haven’t worked with .org projects at all. For some reasons I stopped contributing for free and moved on to my freelancing career. In the past months people reminded me they’re still using Category Metabox Enhanced but …

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Inserting Media Search Form Into Posts Or Templates

I’ve got lots of plugin ideas but don’t have much time on developing recently, due to I’m fascinated by AngularJS since last November and prepare to grow my freelancing business. Despite that I still try to take some time to update my plugins based on suggestions from users. Today I just pushed the latest version of Media Search Enhanced to, …

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Use Radio Buttons in Your Categories Metabox

Users can select multiple Categories for a post by default, that’s why WordPress use checkboxes in the Categories metabox. If you need to force the user select only one category, I have this little plugin for you.

Categories Metabox Enhanced is a new plugin released by us today. After installing it, you could replace the checkboxes with radio buttons or a select drop-down in the plugin’s Settings page. That’s how you can force the user select only one category.

The plugin is based on a useful library Taxonomy_Single_Term created by WebDevStudios, I found it when I did the research work on creating Categories Metabox Enhanced. For it’s not actually a WordPress plugin and only hosted on GitHub, I decided to integrated it to the plugin and implemented the options on the Settings.

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Customize the Featured Image Metabox

Back to WordPress 2.9, people are thrilling about a new feature called “Post Thumbnails”, I was one of them. Before it was a core feature, it was already a requirement for any premium theme in the market. Without doubt, add “thumbnail” to theme support was definitely a big moment in WordPress history. Later with WordPress 3.0, the name was changed from “Post Thumbnails” to “Featured Image”.

I love this feature from day one. I quickly add it to themes in clients’ projects, and they are as happy as I expected. After the name changed to “Featured Image”, things became a little different. Clients were still happy about the UI, I just got asked about the same question more often.

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