Things about the Freelance Web Developers Market Research

Last Christmas I started an online survey about why freelance web developers get hired. The survey was simple with only 3 main questions. It was for whom was hired as freelance web developers, or who had ever hired them. The 3 questions for these 2 groups were different:

  • Freelance web developers would be asked:
    • How do your clients find about you?
    • How do you spread the word about your brand and your work?
    • What do you wish you had known when you first started?
  • People who had ever hired freelance web developers would be asked:
    • Why did you hire a specific freelance web developer?
    • What issues or challenges led you to hire him / her?
    • What result did you expect when work with him / her?

Sounds interesting? Now let me tell you the behind-the-scenes story about why I started the survey, how I conducted it, and most importantly, what I’ve learned.

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