The first 7 days on blogging and marketing

The website (blog) went public on Jan 3, 2014. For the first 7 days I tried several channels to do marketing. Here’re some thoughts I’d like to share.

I find it’s kind of hard to promote a new plugin. After publishing my first plugin – Completely Delete, I was so happy but didn’t know what to do next. I’ve read the Plugin Submission and Promotion on WordPress Codex, but got no luck for 2 WordPress Activities and Announcement Sites they recommend were stalled for a long time. Then I checked out several WordPress communities on Google+ to see if I could write some promotion or introduction about my plugin, got no luck again for promotion posts are not allowed in most of these communities.

Later on I joined the to see what I could do there. The guideline said “Do not (mainly) self-promote” so I guess it should be fine if I share my first blog post “Delete a post with all its children in WordPress” there. It went just okay and I got 5 votes for that post. That encouraged me to keep sharing good resources there. I’d also like to upvote for other members’ contributions, and I do enjoy reading articles from some not so famous sources.

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