Releasing a plugin with WPCollab

January is the month to make plans for the year ahead. From the very first day I’ve made up my mind to “rebranding” myself and my business in this year. I’m determined to become a professional WordPress developer and should focus on providing the best WordPress plugin solutions to the market.

It started from a blog post

To accomplish both goals I push myself to be more active in the WordPress community. One thing I did is to join the WordPress related groups on LinkedIn and take part in discussions. On January 28 I saw a discussion titled “Releasing a plugin together” with a blog post to introduce the original idea, I thought that will be pretty interesting.

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Monthly highlights at

It’s the first time I write a blog in English, and I’m happy to say I published 27 posts for the first month, it a good start.

I’d like to introduce some highlights in January at, some are my posts here, and an inspiring project in the community.

This month I released the second plugin – Unsortable Meta Box, the purpose of this plugin is to disable dragging of the meta boxes and reset their positions. To make it’s flexible for users, there are options to select which pages to apply the disable dragging or reset positions settings. I came upon this idea when doing technical support via phone, the client can’t find one of the meta box we built, at last we figured out he just reordered the meta box which leads to the confusing conversation.

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