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It’s the first time I write a blog in English, and I’m happy to say I published 27 posts for the first month, it a good start.

I’d like to introduce some highlights in January at, some are my posts here, and an inspiring project in the community.

This month I released the second plugin – Unsortable Meta Box, the purpose of this plugin is to disable dragging of the meta boxes and reset their positions. To make it’s flexible for users, there are options to select which pages to apply the disable dragging or reset positions settings. I came upon this idea when doing technical support via phone, the client can’t find one of the meta box we built, at last we figured out he just reordered the meta box which leads to the confusing conversation.

Other posts I’d like to mention are:

The new project “Let’s Release a Plugin Together“, came from a post by Slobodan Manic, now has an official project name – “WPCollab“. Anyone with fresh plugin ideas is welcome to post a proposal on the P2 and start a discussion with other members. I stumbled upon the idea from Slobodan’s discussion at LinkedIn, I followed the link to his blog post, and replied to say a big yes right away. It was January 28, just 3 days ago.

In the following days, things ran really quickly and smoothly that Slobodan has got a domain ( for this project, set a P2 on the subdomain (, started to use the hashtag #WPCollab to tweet about this project, created an organization in GitHub to host our future project repos. And this morning when I woke up, I found the folks have decided to build the first plugin called “Hello Emoji“, with this plugin, when a user types a simple “:” in the editor, a emoji list will be prompted, like what Github did.

I’m very proud of what we did, doing and will do. This is the first time I have the opportunity to work with people from all over the word. We have different culture backgrounds, professional backgrounds, personalities etc., and thanks to WordPress, it brought us together to contribute our knowledge and creativity on building something useful.

The project is open to anyone who’s interested in working with passionate WordPress lovers. If you have a plugin idea, plan to release it for free, and need some collaboration to make it stronger, WPCollab is there for you, for 24/7/365.

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  1. Yoren,

    I love Collections, what a beautiful theme.

    It’s the first time for me as well, to work with people on a project like this and I’m really excited about. So glad I went to LinkedIn to post my note even though I almost never go there 🙂

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