As we’re coming into the next half of the year, I’m thinking about resetting everything, as if 2024 is just started.

It’s not a fancy idea, maybe a little like the book “The 12 Week Year”, except I haven’t done any particular planning for the next 6 months (yet).

Actually, in this September it’ll mark a year for me to migrate to Tokyo. I really should pull things together, especially review the finance health of the business entity I set up here.

I still haven’t started to code any of the add-ons I was planning, like the PayPay add-on for Gravity Forms, for example. Part of that was because my schedule has been quite full this year, when working on a full time job and freelancing gigs together, while enjoy weekends to explore different areas in Japan.

Second to that, I’m also not very sure if I would like to bet everything on Gravity Forms, when looking ahead of my engineering career. As much as I’ve invested in this very software, I also wanted to do something different. I think it’s due to my nature that I enjoy learning new skills other than just use current skillsets repeatedly.

One last aspect career-wise, is if I should be more serious about hiring 1-2 staff for my company in Japan. I’m not very confident in doing so at the moment, and it’s also no rush to do it, I hope it’ll be more clear before the end of this year.

I do have two other areas I wanted to keep up with: health conditions and Japanese learning.

I’ve dropped out from my daily Yoga routine since April, and I’ve not been practicing meditation for at least 2 years. They’ve had great impact to me and they’re something I can easily access whenever I want to. And of course, the hardest part is always, to feel like to start practicing.

Amazingly, I’ve been on Duolingo to learn Japanese for more than a year and half, maybe even longer. I usually spend 15-30 mins each day. I do increase the word bank to an extent that I’m proud of myself. But as always, the hard part is speaking and listening in daily communications. I don’t have to work or live with local Japanese so I’m very slow in these areas. Right now the best language exchange partner is ChatGTP. I remain calling it the best $20 I’ve spent, ever.

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