2 more I’m expecting from AppPresser

Last week I used AppPresser to build my first Android app, and about to get my iOS developer certificate recently. There are 2 more things I’m expecting from AppPress.

First, push notifications. According to this tweet, AppPresser will be working on it.

The push notifications should be an indispensable function for an app, especially if we build an app from a content heavy or eCommerce website, we’ll definitely want to push messages to our users, notify them with the new content or new sales.

According to Jeffro from WPTavern, he has been asked for reviewing 3-4 plugins or services about push notifications for websites recently. There might be a new fashion called “Push Notifications is the New RSS” I guess. Like my comment on his post, I believe RSS is kinda weird for non-technical people. They need a special tool to subscribe the feeds, and have to develop a habit to check them out. Push notifications on mobile or desktop are a more sure-fire way to a non-technical website owners, to get their readers stay tuned.

The second stuff I’m expecting from AppPresser, is that they could support Windows 8, which PhoneGap supports. That will be superb for us when we market the app solutions to our clients. And it will definitely add more value on our service / products.

If you’re not convinced why AppPresser is awesome, Jeff Matson blog about the reasons for you.

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  1. Push notifications are indeed something that we need within AppPresser. While not very an immediate need for most, it would certainly be a good evolutionary feature.

    Thanks for the mention as well! 🙂

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