Media Search Enhanced 0.9 released

Yesterday I published the latest update for Media Search Enhanced to its repo. It has been almost over a year from the last update, and this time, I barely wrote any new code, the change was from a PR from its public GitHub repo.

It seems to be a critical issue that blocking Block editor users to use MSE as it seems to create HTTP 500 errors when searching images in an Image block. I wasn’t aware of it at all (as I actually didn’t install MSE on my own site), so I really appreciated the PR author spent the time to fix it, to which he created the PR back in November, I just didn’t find the time to push the final change to, due to how much effort I need to refresh my memory about SVN to update a published plugin.

Things like this always makes me being thankful about open-source. Personally, I also contributed some small PRs to plugins I enjoy using before. However, just like a coin has two sides, the love and hate relationship between we developers and open-source, is created by those who haven’t paid us a dime but leaving one-star review, claiming our work destroying their websites or stuff.

It is really toxic and prompts me to never release anything for free in the future. If you don’t have good thing to say, say nothing, or at least be constructive with your 1-star review, is the least civil way you can contribute to the open-source you care.

Still, it feels good to know there are still around 300 active installs that update the plugin one its release day. I appreciate everyone who still finds it useful and never zaps me with any sort of negative energy. This plugin will stay around for you.

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