So Here Comes The Higgs

Today I changed the theme here from Ryu to Higgs by Codestag. This is the first time I bought a premium theme from Envato. I choose very carefully that I’ve followed the works by Codestag for a while. And somehow they conviced me.

Now with Higgs I only changed the color and widgets then left everything else by default. It looks almost as I expected. Just it requires the Jetpack to display the site logo, which is the plugin I’m allergic to, so I would rather to give up the beautiful logo for a while… until next time I change the theme again.

As most beautiful themes, Higgs also requires a hero image for each post, it’s optional but without it, the first post would be sticky to the header area. I’m a little uncomfortable with it but it’s Friday so I’ll leave it that way.

I hope everything gets well and you can still enjoy the reading here. If not, just shoot me an email: yoren [at] I’ll see what I can do for you.


Updated July, 20: I just found the style of Gists is broken in Chrome. For example the gist below:

The indentation behaves well in Firefox and Safari, but acts weird in Chrome. Any idea?

Updated July, 20, part-2: I can’t believe it’s the text-rendering broke the theme! After this modification, things go well again!

body {
	text-rendering: auto;
	-webkit-font-smoothing: auto;

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