Remove Settings API Wrapper from My Plugins

In the last few days I updated 2 of my plugins – Completely Delete and Unsortable Meta Box, there is nothing huge, I just removed the WordPress Settings API wrapper from them, and created the settings pages based on Tom McFarlin’s WordPress Settings Sandbox.

When developed these 2 plugins, to use or not to use any WordPress Settings API wrapper, that is the question kinda bothered me. I was hoping Tom could integrate the settings page to his Plugin Boilerplate, but got no luck. The barrier kept me from using the Settings API was, even though the Codex looked simple – with only 10 functions I could create a settings page, I had no idea when to use which function.

To speed up my development process, I decided to use one of the Settings API wrappers I found at Github. It’s a very good one, with clear documentation that I can see how to code and what I’ll get. So I integrated it into Completely Delete and later I also used it in Unsortable Meta Box.

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The first 7 days on blogging and marketing

The website (blog) went public on Jan 3, 2014. For the first 7 days I tried several channels to do marketing. Here’re some thoughts I’d like to share.

I find it’s kind of hard to promote a new plugin. After publishing my first plugin – Completely Delete, I was so happy but didn’t know what to do next. I’ve read the Plugin Submission and Promotion on WordPress Codex, but got no luck for 2 WordPress Activities and Announcement Sites they recommend were stalled for a long time. Then I checked out several WordPress communities on Google+ to see if I could write some promotion or introduction about my plugin, got no luck again for promotion posts are not allowed in most of these communities.

Later on I joined the to see what I could do there. The guideline said “Do not (mainly) self-promote” so I guess it should be fine if I share my first blog post “Delete a post with all its children in WordPress” there. It went just okay and I got 5 votes for that post. That encouraged me to keep sharing good resources there. I’d also like to upvote for other members’ contributions, and I do enjoy reading articles from some not so famous sources.

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Select post parent from another post type in WordPress

Added 2016/02/05: There's a newer version of this post with very detailed steps to show you how to set the URL structure for this use case right.

This gist is kinda of my inspiration to create Completely Delete. Last year a client project need to cross reference 2 different post types. When I do some research on Google, a post from My Musings describe how to change the parent select options to posts from another post type. This is quite useful and a time saver for me.

After the cross reference work had been done, the client found another issue that when he trash or delete the parent post, the child posts won’t be trashed / deleted with it.

Few months later when I planed to develop my first plugin for the new business –, I decided to fix this issue as a start point.

Completely Delete: Delete a post with all its children in WordPress

Have you ever wondered a quick way to delete all children while delete a post in WordPress? Completely Delete is the right plugin for you. Currently there are 3 types of child posts will be trashed or deleted with their parent posts, when using Completely Delete: Page (or any hierarchical custom post type) Attachment (Optional, you need to …

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