Week 3 on blogging and marketing 1Fix.io

This is Week 3 of my blogging and marketing journey. I can’t say there is huge progress for now, I’m still trying to figure out my own way to deal with it, especially the marketing part. The goal in this month is establishing my new daily routine, which is marketing in the morning, blogging in the evening and doing client or project work in the afternoon.

When I arrive at my office around 10 am, the first thing is to check ManageWP.org, reading new posts and check performance of my shared articles. The most upvotes I got so far is 11 for The process of building a plugin (a one day challenge) – Mike Jolley, a post I like very much but didn’t expect it will become popular on ManageWP.org.

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The first 7 days on blogging and marketing 1Fix.io

The 1Fix.io website (blog) went public on Jan 3, 2014. For the first 7 days I tried several channels to do marketing. Here’re some thoughts I’d like to share.

I find it’s kind of hard to promote a new plugin. After publishing my first plugin – Completely Delete, I was so happy but didn’t know what to do next. I’ve read the Plugin Submission and Promotion on WordPress Codex, but got no luck for 2 WordPress Activities and Announcement Sites they recommend were stalled for a long time. Then I checked out several WordPress communities on Google+ to see if I could write some promotion or introduction about my plugin, got no luck again for promotion posts are not allowed in most of these communities.

Later on I joined the ManageWP.org to see what I could do there. The guideline said “Do not (mainly) self-promote” so I guess it should be fine if I share my first blog post “Delete a post with all its children in WordPress” there. It went just okay and I got 5 votes for that post. That encouraged me to keep sharing good resources there. I’d also like to upvote for other members’ contributions, and I do enjoy reading articles from some not so famous sources.

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