Week 3 on blogging and marketing 1Fix.io

This is Week 3 of my blogging and marketing journey. I can’t say there is huge progress for now, I’m still trying to figure out my own way to deal with it, especially the marketing part. The goal in this month is establishing my new daily routine, which is marketing in the morning, blogging in the evening and doing client or project work in the afternoon.

When I arrive at my office around 10 am, the first thing is to check ManageWP.org, reading new posts and check performance of my shared articles. The most upvotes I got so far is 11 for The process of building a plugin (a one day challenge) – Mike Jolley, a post I like very much but didn’t expect it will become popular on ManageWP.org.

At the time of this writing, my karma is 211 and ranking is 25th on ManageWP.org, I shared 23 articles, got 71 upvotes and upvoted 70 articles. ManageWP.org is a portal where I could get the latest WP news and share noteworthy posts to those like-minded WP enthusiasts. The folks on ManageWP.org do a very great job on running this community, mechanism like Karma makes each upvote counts to build a good community where people would like to stay and keep contributing. My personal experience on joining communities on Google+ is not so pleasant, for some moderators tend to over manage the communities in my opinion.

Last week I joined 2 WP related groups at LinkedIn, and became “top contributor” in both of them. I started a discussion about my site was brute force attacked last weekend, and got some impressive comments, which I’ll write another post about website security later on. I also learnt a lot from a discussion titled “What are your biggest problems when it comes to selling / delivering / support WordPress to clients?” by Chris Stott. He eventually wrote a post based on it, really worth to read.

I keep sharing my blog posts to Twitter and Google+,  nothing noteworthy happened these days, there are still very few visits from these sources. The most interesting thing about Twitter is there seems no such concept like “community” or “group”. I could use “lists” to group people, use a hash tag to label my tweets, but it’s still kinda hard to start a discussion there. I need more time to figure it out.

On Google+ communities, I recommend WordPress Entrepreneurs to anyone who’s interested in WordPress business, which is hosted by Matt Medeiros. It’s a community you could learn something and your feedback will be valued.

My blog so far covers 3 types of posts: articles, links and videos. Writing blog in English is really a huge challenge for me, and takes a lot of time. I try to increase the length of my post and set a goal to write 4 posts, each contains at least 1,000 words in February. My problem is not I don’t have ideas / opinions, but I don’t know how to express myself in English. I arrange links and videos sharing between articles to ease my nerves, but it doesn’t mean I just share some random stuff, those are information worth a read, and I’m honoured if people get to them thought my brief introduction.

I’ll keep documenting the growth of 1Fix.io here. I believe eventually it will help anyone who’d like to start a new business like me in the future!

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  1. Hey Yoren, thanks for the link. Great post, if you hadn’t have said so I wouldn’t have know you are not a native English speaker! Cheers, Chris

  2. Yoren Chang Avatar
    Yoren Chang

    Chris, thanks for stopping by! Just subscribed to your weekly newsletter. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 🙂

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