Move page links on top of share buttons in Ryu

Yesterday when I published my thoughts about Freelance Web Developers Market Research, it’s the first time I wrote a 2000-word article on my blog, I thought it was a good idea to add page links to divide it into two pages.

I knew Ryu (the theme I used for this blog) had styled the page links so it should work fine. But later I found the page links showed after three blocks I’ve added with plugins – share buttons, related posts and author box. My visitors might not know there was a second page of that post.

When looked into the code I found the developer used wp_link_pages() under the_content() in content.php, but the plugins I used hooked their code to the end of the_content filter, that’s why the page links would always be displayed after them.

Here are the snippets I added to the child theme of Ryu to solve my problem.

1. Remove the wp_link_pages() from content.php

2. Hook wp_link_pages() to the_content filter in functions.php

Now it works and I’m still amazed that such a beautiful, elegant theme is free on

No Nonsense Social Share Plugin – Simple Share Buttons Adder

Couple weeks ago I took a survey from AWP group on Facebook. The questions were:

Which WordPress plugins do you use most in the following categories:
SEO, Social Media, Commenting, Caching, Captcha and Payments?

If you’re interested in what plugins the WP people use most for those purposes, you can now check the post on, they revealed the results in an alphabetical list of all experts who have participated in the research, and you can find my answers here.

When I took the survey, I didn’t know they’ll put stuff together and publish a post like this. When I got email from Bauke Roesink, the guy behind, with the link of his article (titled “The best WordPress plugins revealed by 39 WordPress enthusiasts“), I’m kind of surprised to see my answers were listed with others’ like Joost de Valk, Jeff Starr, Justin Tadlock, Tom McFarlin… etc., and quietly thought, oh, my answers look a bit too casual…

Anyway, I think that post is quite worth a read when you’d like to know how or why WP people prefer certain plugins. As a plugin developer, it’s interesting to see more field surveys like this, to help us know better about the market.

Today I want to share my new favorite plugin on social media, which is Simple Share Buttons Adder, the social share buttons plugin I start to use on couple days ago.

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