Hello Emoji: WPCollab says Hello to the World!

Today I pushed the first release of Hello Emoji to the WordPress.org, which means we closed 2 milestones at once, what a great day!

After my previous post and a post from WPTavern, we got some great feedbacks, one of them is from Dave Warfel, he suggested the setting should make more sense to be on the Discussion Settings page, I opened an issue and the team agreed with Dave, so I pushed a commit to move the setting accordingly.

The second feedback is directly from a GitHub pull request, Ram forked Hello Emoji and optimised images with kraken.io, a web service to help us saved the images size up to 60%. It’s our first pull request from the community, and it’s really good to know people would take time to check out our project and improve it.

There’s a trivia about Hello Emoji I’d like to share. @jahvi opened an issue to report that some emojis seemed missing in the images folder we got from the jQuery plugins we used. I spent some time and figured out there are 3 emojis missing in the GitHub API. If you’re interested, those 3 are: flipper, loud_sound and night_with_stars. We currently remove these 3 from Hello Emoji, to make sure the UX is consistent. I also filed a report to GitHub, the staff replied a thank you email but didn’t say if this may or may not get fixed.

Hello Emoji is the way WPCollab says Hello to the world. Thanks to everyone who keeps an eye on this project. Maybe you watch / star / fork it, or tweet / share / blog about it, we appreciate that and your comments will definitely make it even better.

Just go to download Hello Emoji and happy blogging with these emojis: :+1: :smiling_imp: :facepunch: :cake: :zap:

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  1. Yoren Chang Avatar
    Yoren Chang

    The emojis will work on comments too! :heart_eyes:

  2. I watched a lot of complete length motion pictures on-line.

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