Improve Security on My Digital Ocean Droplet

After was live on a Digital Ocean droplet, I started to google about what to do to secure my server. It turns out that there are many useful Community posts on their website. Here are 3 of them I’ll suggest any new VPS user to follow step by step.

  1. Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 12.04:
    The same rules apply to Ubuntu 13.x and above. It’s about how to create a new user with root privileges, restrict root login, and change the port of SSH.
  2. How To Protect SSH with fail2ban on Ubuntu 12.04:
    Last time when one of my client’s site was brute force attacked, I’ve learned about fail2ban is a powerful tool to “automatically protect virtual servers from malicious behavior”. In this article, I found fail2ban is easy to config, hope that helps so I don’t need to install extra security plugins on my site.
  3. How To Setup a Firewall with UFW on an Ubuntu and Debian Cloud Server:
    Setting up firewall on the server sounds kind of scary at first, but UFW make it dead simple! It should be a must-have on any Ubuntu server.

It’s the Day 2 of my Digital Ocean journey. Let me keep digging more about it and share with server dummies like me!

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