MSE Now Supporting MIME Type And Date Filters

The latest update for my Media Search Enhanced (MSE) plugin will be supporting MIME type and date filters in the Media Library. It’s funny that I never use these filters myself, so in the past two years there was such a major bug in the plugin and I never noticed.

Luckily a kind user reported it on the forum so I got a patch for it. It seems work now:

Supporting MIME type and date filters when searching in the Media Library

Now you can only get it from the develop branch on the GitHub repository, I’ll push it to the as soon as I get enough tests and feedback. (The repo has been updated on Feb 29, 2016)

MSE recently got mentioned in a post titled Best Practices in WordPress: Image Management by Matt Cromwell from Media Temple blog. Be sure to check it out!

Oh and thanks for your support if you’re one of the 1,000+ who installed MSE on your live site(s). 😉

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  1. Your blog is more informative..You have clearly explained about MIME type..Keep on blogging more like this ..

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