Changing Arguments For The Built-In Taxonomies In WordPress

With the following snippet you can change arguments for the built-in taxonomies in WordPress:

To modify arguments for the built-in taxonomies might not be a good idea unless you really know what you’re doing. I’m doing this because (not sure since when) now WordPress won’t let me display links from the link_category taxonomy (remember Links Manager?) on its own template page (taxonomy-link_category.php).

One symptom I’ve noticed is that when I visited the link_category term page (like visiting http://SITE.COM/?link_category=links), it showed the index page template but not 404 page, which meant such route did exist just the data couldn’t be shown public.

After some time-wasting trial and error I realized it’s the default arguments keep the template from working. And the snippet above did the trick perfectly.

Hope it could save someone thirty or so minutes someday in the future. 😉

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  1. Angel Costa Avatar
    Angel Costa

    Thanks for this!! It helped me a lot.

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