First cherry blossom in Tokyo

I didn’t expect I’d love it this much. The cherry blossom season was really amazing.

Before they blossomed, I walked by those trees every day and saw the buds growing a little bigger. But I didn’t feel any excitement. I’ve never been in Japan in this season so I had no idea what it could look like.

And then for several days, I happened to use a different route when going out, but didn’t pass by the riverside walk where the cherry trees locate. The next time I walked by, man, it’s really astounding.

And it is also surprisingly short. Well, maybe not so surprising as we’ve always learned that it is short. For me, it was like 100% fully blossomed for two days, and due to a heavy rain, after that it was only half of them left there.

Still, I felt lucky that I enjoyed those two days outdoors and for the first time, really explored the whole neighborhood I live. It is much better than I thought when I signed up for my lease. I’m really contain and happy here, even it’s pricy, it’s very likely I’ll renew it for another year.

Updates on banking stuff in Japan

Last month I finally got the bank account set up ready for my own business entity in Japan, which is with NEOBank. I first tried the GMO bank but they declined my application. However, the process with NEOBank was much more smooth and no major problem at all. They didn’t even require you to do a phone call with them which was a huge relief because I don’t speak Japanese (yet).

Also I’m pretty happy with the services from NEOBank, you can set up everything on their website and mobile app. Again, this is so important when you don’t want to bother your Japanese-speaking friends to accompany you with these kind of stuff.

They still require some paper work. For example, because I still have tax residency in Taiwan, I have to do the mail application, but couldn’t simply apply online. Also, I have to file my corporate number via physical mail. But you just mail it out and they approve it within like 3 days. They haven’t dropped a ball yet.

Broker account with NISA

I also opened a broker account with Rakuten because I’d like to take the advantage of NISA. The process was okay, but their website is like 2-star only if I rate NEOBank for 5-star. It is really lame but I actually wasn’t that surprised since their marketplace site has been like never updated after year 2000.

I haven’t invested any money yet, still learning about NISA and how to take the most advantage out of it. For example, there are limited US ETFs you can buy in your NISA account like the one I wanted to hold is not available, so I have to tweak the portfolio with the ones that are listed.

No success to get a credit card

I’ve tried PayPay, Rakuten and Sumitomo but all got declined. I don’t really need one as I still use the ones I got from Taiwan as the currency rate is very favorable at the moment. But the thing about credits is you start the earlier, the better. With three strikeouts, I’m going to give up until I renew the visa for the next term.

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