Transferred 2 domains to Gandi

This Tuesday a great idea came to me and I was so sure that it could be a great business, at least a great project I would love to devote my time. So I did the most important first step that I always did for my business or side project: securing a domain.

Like the domain of this website, I’d like to register a .io domain, I went to Gandi and so happy that the domain has not been registered yet. I added the domain to shopping cart and sent the payment as quick as I can. When the domain appeared in my account, I felt so excited and relieved that no one can take it from me, though no one even knew it exists.

The happy feeling lasted for 20+ hours until I found Gandi dropped the price for .io domain, from $39 to $35, on the very same day but after my purchase.

I was not upset or pissed just couldn’t help to think about – what if I just waited a few hours… I would be even happier for securing a great domain with my favorite registrar and enjoying the cheaper deal.

I’m greedy. I knew that.

But I just couldn’t help so I tweeted:

I didn’t expected anything and left my office for dinner. When I got back, some guy called Stephan replied to me:

Hmm, I thought, the Gandi support crew is cool.

But you know what’s even cooler? The Stephan guy is the CEO of Gandi, I realized that minutes later when I clicked his profile to see if I should follow him…

That’s pretty amazing to me. I was WOWed by Gandi (and Stephan, of course).

Days later I got the difference $4 between the old and new price into my prepaid account on Gandi. Thanks to their “real” support crew – Michael and Emilie.

To express my gratitude, I transferred 2 domains to them. That one I can get for free from a hosting provider (Dreamhost) and the other is cheaper when I register with Enom.

I know it’s no big deal, but it’s the best I can do!

That’s my way to WOW Gandi.

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