Building Businesses That Last

When people are crazy about building startups for sale, I think this is really great: Jason Fried + Scott Heiferman: Building Businesses That Last. Just watch at your lunch time or work break, you won’t be disappointed. Worth more than a nap.

I always love 37singles (now Basecamp) when a decade ago I bought their first (or second?) book “Defensive Design for the Web” from Amazon. I really like that book even I still don’t understand why it looked like printed by a copy machine.

Their story always inspires me, about a web design studio become such a successful SaaS company.

If you haven’t read Rework, I highly recommend you to go get one, read a couple sections before sleep, make you smarter the next day. 🙂

I’m a senior web developer helping clients build their websites to grow businesses. Currently I’m based in Taipei, Taiwan.

I write things about WordPress, AngularJS and life. Whenever you’d like to find someone to talk about these topics, just get in touch!

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