Release Custom Metabox Enhanced 0.7.1 on

Funny how that after almost two years, I’ve finally updated Custom Metabox Enhanced on’s plugin directory!

In case you don’t know what’s it all about, there was the release note for it and it can be simply seen as turning the checkboxes into radio buttons for the Categories and other hierarchical taxonomies. I also offered value added features like you can also make them a drop-down etc.

I was doing it mainly because I wanted to test the Freemius integration. Eventually I didn’t release 0.7.1 with it but I actually like its idea a lot.

I’ve been reading past reviews left for CME and some of them are really good ideas. I’m thinking to add a setting so the UI will only be applied to a few roles but not everyone.

Not sure if that’s something I can finish in this LNY. Gotta say it feels quite good when knowing people are still using this plugin and updating to the latest version. Maybe that can be the fuel to motivate me!

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