An Upcoming update of Category Metabox Enhanced

I’ll be releasing an update to one of my plugins Category Metabox Enhanced. It’s been four years I haven’t worked with .org projects at all. For some reasons I stopped contributing for free and moved on to my freelancing career.

In the past months people reminded me they’re still using Category Metabox Enhanced but it doesn’t work with Gutenberg anymore. I procrastinated for a while but this weekend I decided to figure a solution for the 1000+ users who are still using it.

So here it is. The latest update is already on GitHub and will be pushed to, as soon as I get back my sense with SVN.

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  1. Hi Yoren. Come here from github. Good luck for your career ahead! (^_^)

  2. Excelente, recién conozco tu blog y se ve interesante, deberías actualizarlo (yo también, lo sé XD). ¡Éxitos!

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